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Courier | Work Better, Live Smarter, Be Happier.

Courier | Work Better, Live Smarter, Be Happier.

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Work Better. Live Smarter. Be Happier is Courier’s manifesto for living and working on your own terms.

Get inspired!

Dig deep into the daily lives of more than 30 inspiring business owners around the world – from Hong Kong, Accra and Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo, Detroit, Berlin and beyond. Find out how they kick-started their careers, discover the many challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve navigated them, and learn their go-to rituals and routines.

How to get started

Check out the BIG business opportunities in food and drink, retail, homeware, media and fashion – and then turn inspiration into action with some clever ideas, niche sectors to explore, brands to watch and tons of resources.

Do it yourself

We’ve distilled years of insights into our essential tips, tools and advice on nailing your big idea, creating a killer brand, raising investment, developing a product, forging a community, creating a culture, boosting your productivity, building resilience – and a whole lot more.

What’s your path?

The book is designed to help you dream up, brainstorm, plan, test, launch and grow something completely new from the ground up – and craft a life that you genuinely love in the process. So, what are you waiting for?
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