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Al's Mag Club | Curated Magazine Subscription

Al's Mag Club | Curated Magazine Subscription

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The gift that keeps on giving, a magazine subscription curating and posting 3 mags every 3 months.

Our mag club has 5 different themes, each curated every quarter by al, a magazine designer, maker and the founder of akin.

Perfect for any magazine lover, business, cafe, hairdressers, hotels, holiday homes or studio’s.

Al will do the hard work of sourcing and curating, you’ll enjoy some great reads. It really can be that simple!


The Adventurer - Sport, Outside & Adventure based publications

The Dreamer - Fashion, Interiors and Lifestyle based publications

The Foodie - Food & Drink based publications

The Artist - Creative & entrepreneurial based publications

The Secret Admirer - For the mag lover who want’s to find new publications.

Pick one theme, fill in your details and wait for some beautiful magazines through your door.

Price includes packaging & fulfilment.


Your subscription will automatically be charged every 3 months. Please contact us a week before your renewal is due if you’d like to end your subscription.
You can end your subscription any time, for free.

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